Tune-up your PC whenever you need to

Regular maintenance of your devices ensures a smooth and pleasant computing experience
Viruses and bug removal
Errors and crashes troubleshooting
Memory optimization and safe data backup
PC guide for everyday work
System resources optimization
Gadgets and accessories tune-up
Software update and account setup
WiFi and router setup
Reach out to us whenever you experience:
Computer lags
Windows issues
Gadgets malfunction
Pop-ups, ads, and banners
Blue Screen
Software issues
Internet connection loss
Slow performance
Fragmented files
Internet browser issues
Long Windows startup time
Laptop overheat
Printer problems
Incorrect internet settings
Missing drivers
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Trust is a must

We value quality, privacy and security above all
My computer is about five years old and very slow. It is a Dell with i3. When they scanned my computer for problems a number of issues occurred. In fact, they occurred daily. They worked on my PC for over two hours and corrected many, many problems. I was amazed at how much junk I accumulated over the years. The techs repaired many items and installed new drivers. They did an excellent job.
Edward Kuna
While I just started to use their FULL 24/7 service, I have met some of the most knowledgeable and courteous geeks that I ever came across. They synced my phone, tablet & PC and stayed with me until I was a happy camper. I Highly recommend! Six stars if I could!
Raymond F Jensen
Their support is always great. My computer always runs better after a session. They are always polite, helpful, and willing to work around my schedule.
Kurt Shepherd
I am very pleased with the professional services received from GotYourBack support techs. Each time I have had an issue, it has been resolved quickly and I am confident that my computer is clean and healthy from these services. The service team is exceptionally courteous and attentive to my expressed concerns. Thank you.
Gwynne Nelson
Like clockwork weather I need it or not Got Your Back will call me once a month for my regular check up and clean up of my trusty lap top or PC. I don't always need the service but it is nice to know someone is checking to make sure I have not installed some unwanted malware or virus. I have watched them work on several of my computers, my wife's and my two sons PC's and they proceed with a strong work ethic rooted in integrity and positive service
Jeff Orr Hunter

Our guarantees to you

Your privacy is our key priority. We guarantee that your personal data are secured in every aspect of our cooperation
Our experts work round the clock to make sure that your requests are resolved whenever it is of your convenience
Service & Repair
Our technicians have extensive knowledge and expertise in servicing a wide variety of electronic devices.
We will create a special personalized schedule to provide you with a regular maintenance service in order to ensure the best performance of your devices.

Supported devices

Windows PCs
Printer, Scanner, Camera
Mac Devices
Android & iPhones
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What's include?
What's include?
What's include?
Multiple Device Support
Multiple Device Support
Multiple Device Support
24/7 availability
24/7 availability
24/7 availability
In-depth Service and Repair
In-depth Service and Repair
In-depth Service and Repair
Scheduled Maintenance Program
Scheduled Maintenance Program
Scheduled Maintenance Program
Personalised Tech Care Program
Personalised Tech Care Program
Personalised Tech Care Program

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